Contract Litigation

When the fine print of a business contract causes complex problems between employers, employees, franchisees, vendors and any party to a company's daily operations, a team of experienced contract litigation attorneys can bring order to a chaotic situation.

At the Borowski & Traylor, P.A., law firm, our exceptional litigation lawyers bring decades of combined experience to corporate clients' quests for closure when contract disputes threaten to ruin commercial momentum.

Expertise at the firm covers every aspect of negotiation, drafting and reviews of contracts; mediation, negotiations, arbitration, and litigation of a dispute's conclusion; and an appellate practice that seeks to correct negative trial outcomes from contract litigation.

Commercial Contract Litigation Leaders In Pensacola And Northwest Florida

The wide variety of contractual issues we have tackled on behalf of our clients includes:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Noncompete, non-solicitation, nondisclosure and non-disparagement issues for employers and employees
  • Rights of first refusal
  • Implied agreements

If a contract requires reinterpretation, we will tell you. If a courtroom battle is not worth the expense, energy and emotion associated with litigation, we will tell you. If a trial is the only forum for the final resolution of a contract dispute, we will tell you. We explore every option that promotes your objectives. We are dedicated to your company's long-term success.

Your opportunity to air your views and goals for contract litigation is an initial consultation with Borowski & Traylor, P.A., at our Pensacola law office. Reach us by phone at 850-462-5708 or stay at our website to send an email message.