Partnership, Member And Shareholder Disputes

Disputes over the general direction of a corporation or closely held family business often causes elevated levels of dissension between partners and shareholders that leads to business dissolution.

This negative outcome does not have to become the inevitable end game for the Florida business you worked so hard to build. The experienced partnership and shareholder dispute litigation attorneys at Borowski & Traylor, P.A., strive for the positive resolution you seek.

Our accomplished team of trial lawyers can take charge of your case immediately when irregularities in a business partnership, even those triggered by simple personality conflicts, threaten the life of a thriving company. Commercial litigation clients of all kinds benefit from our decades of combined experience, careful guidance and tradition of responsive personal service.

Focused Practice, Resolutions And Service For Florida Partnership Dispute Clients

Come to Borowski & Traylor, P.A., when a contentious dispute within your company's leadership involves:

  • Disagreements and misappropriations of funds
  • Operations actions allegedly conducted in bad faith
  • Breach of contract and fiduciary duty
  • Oppression of minority shareholders
  • Claims of under-performance
  • Contract and employment agreement controversies

Has corporate governance become a constant controversy at your corporation? The help you need, personalized assistance that lasts throughout the legal process, is as close as your phone or personal computer.

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