Federal Court Civil Litigation

Litigating civil cases in federal courts calls for utmost creativity and the ability to penetrate complex legal issues. Federal courts are creatures all their own — dramatically different from state courts where court rules, procedures and statutes are concerned.

At Borowski & Traylor, P.A., we know how to navigate these waters for clients who are in dispute with the government or a private business. Part of our attorneys' impressive record of results stems from successful appearances in federal court, on behalf of a broad range of clients, during our decades of combined experience.

Borowski & Traylor, P.A. — Federal Civil Litigation Leaders In The Northern District Of Florida

Our versatile team of litigation lawyers routinely appears for cases in federal court that center on a variety of commercial and real estate disputes, which primarily arise in diversity cases. However, the litigation of "federal question" cases is procedurally the same.

Additionally, we skillfully handle the appeals of negative trial outcomes that occur in federal court.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your litigation goals at our law office, in an atmosphere of honesty and confidentiality.

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